Phone Dialers

$0.00 provides Telemarketing Lists designed to make you money. We offer DNC scrubbed lists, depending on your industry and usage. It is your responsibility to be in compliance with all telemarketing rules & regulations. For any questions, please refer to the FTC website. Our phone lists are scrubbed against Federal, State and DMA Do Not Call lists, so you can call with confidence. All Telemarketers need to be registered with the FTC and should familiarize themselves with TCPA rules.

Minimum Order is 10k phone numbers for $1000.00

Bulk Phone Number Program:
25,000 Records for $2500
50,000 Records for $5000
75,000 Records for $7500
150,000 Records for $15,000

New TCPA Rules – Will Your Marketing Campaign Be the Target of a Class Action Lawsuit or Regulatory Investigation for Failure to Comply With Recent Revisions to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act?